Hay Family Update…

When I started this blog I had so much more time and dedication to this thing…lol! Now I feel like I never have the time or energy to keep it up. But when I get to look back and see photos and/or videos of my babies and watch them grow up again before my eyes I remember why I started this in the first place! So I am going to try and be better with keeping this up to date and continue my entries. I don’t even know who is still following me…lol…just my parents…lol…thanks for the support!

Lily (7 years old) – She never ceases to surprise me. This kid by far has the biggest heart and she genuinely cares for others and I love that about her. She’s always trying to be silly and make others laugh…which I always tell her that you can’t take life too seriously all the time. On the other hand, Lily is also “Type A” like her Mommy and Daddy (Daddy is worse for the record) so she is way too hard on herself when she fails at something or if things don’t go “just so”. She’s a girly girl and she also LOVES animals. Not just dogs and cats people…if she had it her way we would have a farm of animals! Nothing like her mother…lol! She would love to have pigs and chickens of her own one day…when she moves out I tell her. Being a big sister is what Lily was born to do! She’s a little mommy and just a help to me with Luke and Ruby! Lily is ending her first grade year and will be starting second grade in July 2017 (year around school)! We are extremely proud of her and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Luke (2 years old) – He is the FUNNIEST kid I’ve ever seen!!! I’m serious people he is FUNNY! He has had to overcome some obstacles since the birth of his new baby sister last September but now that he knows she’s here to stay things are much better. Luke LOVES all kinds of sports…we have soccer balls, baseballs, footballs, tennis balls, basketballs, beach balls, racket balls, etc. (you obviously get the point) all over our house. This kid is non stop and he’s ALWAYS running! To say the least Daddy is very proud and excited to see what Luke will be interested in as he gets older. So far Luke really likes baseball and he’s pretty good (not being bias…promise)! I always found baseball extremely BORING…shhhhhhh….not too loud….BUT if my boy plays you know Mama Bear will be at every game cheering him on…LOL! He’s also into trucks…especially firetrucks…that’s a no brainer! Being at the ripe age of 2…Luke is now 3 weeks into potty training and doing so well. It’s not perfect yet…we still have some accidents (poo poo usually…YUCK) but it’s getting better! Luke is also my little LOVER…he snuggles with his mama and is super sweet with his sisters. I guess my girls are sassy and my boy is sweet…usually works that way.

Ruby (7 months old) – “Ruby Ruby Moon…” (sang like Scooby Scooby Doo)…LOL okay so moving on…WHAT A BLESSING!! Having a third child is by far CRAZY and not highly recommended…BUT…this baby is sooooooo good! She is so content with whatever is going on it’s awesome. Sure she has moments…what baby doesn’t…but she really is an easy going baby. Ruby is definitely saying Mama and Dada and knows what she’s saying (she said Dada first…ugh…I know it was so devastating but I’m over it now…)! She loves watching Lily and Luke play and I can tell she can’t wait to get in the mix! She rolls, sits up, eats solids, and still nursing (trying to go the full year here…didn’t make it that long with the other two but since I’m no longer working that’s my goal). She sleeps through the night and is just thriving! I just love her so much and can’t wait to see this little miracle grow!

Ryan – Oh Ryan…my husband of almost 14 years this July…he is my rock! Ryan has been promoted in the fire department and is now a Lieutenent (which I may have mentioned before so sorry if I am repeating). He works hard for us to be able to have a good family life. If it wasn’t for his hard work I wouldn’t have been able to quit work and stay home to raise my babies. Ryan will be “40” this year…shhhhh…again not too loud! Apparently men are more sensitive to aging than women I am noticing…LOL! He is an amazing father and the kids adore him…he’s the “FUN ONE” and I’m the “SERIOUS ONE”! Sometimes I consider him my fourth child…no further comment…LOL! In all honesty though I’m thankful for this life and this man!

As for myself…life is good. Raising a family is hard and challenging but I wouldn’t change it for the world. My babies are my heart and I always wanted to be a mom! I do miss work…I practiced Dental Hygiene for over 11 years so it was really hard to quit. I plan to go back…when Ruby starts school…but until then I am focused on raising my children in a good christian home with morals and values that so many of our young children are missing today. The world is different and it’s only getting worse. I can’t change the world but I can educate and make a difference starting with my little chicklins…LOL! Okay okay…whew…this was long….time for some pictures! Until next time…



Ruby Six Months Old

Where does the time go? Ruby is now six months old and doing well! She is rolling all over the place and trying to sit up all by herself. She babbles a lot and has said Mama and Dadda but I’m not convinced she knows what she’s saying. We have started solid food and she sleeps through the night most nights. If she wakes it’s only once! Can’t complain! She has a very calm demeanor and loves watching Lily and Luke run around! She usually only cries when she is super hungry or tired. We have a well visit this week so I will update her stats later!

Open Eyes…

The First Meeting…

Ruby One-Four Months Old

At one month old Ruby was doing well except she had a horrible outbreak of Eczema!  Poor baby!  At first we thought maybe it was baby acne but it only got worse.  Come to find out, because I am nursing, things I was consuming was irritating Ruby.  So I cut out dairy, nuts, and egg out of my diet and the Eczema cleared up within days!!  I hated the diet but it was worth it!  Now that Ruby is over 4 months old I have been able to add those things back into my diet and she is not having any adverse reactions thus far thank goodness!

Ruby is a really good baby and nursed and sleeps well.  In the beginning she would eat every two to three hours so that was exhausting.  At about 3 months she started sleeping 5-6 hours at night and now at 4 months she is sleeping 8-10 hours at night!  I have been blessed with good night sleepers!  Probably because God knows how grumpy I am without my sleep and nobody wants to be around me then…LOL!

Over the past four months life has been challenging!  With three kids things are definitely “constant” and there is never any down time….unless they are all asleep of course. Lily is amazing and my biggest helper.  She is so responsible and she will be a great mommy one day.  She has turned into such and sweet and determined young lady and she will do great things in life.  Luke had a hard time for a while after Ruby was born.  He started not sleeping through the night and having night terrors.  He was always sweet to Ruby but would take out his frustrations on me.  It’s almost like he was angry with me.  But thank goodness that is over and now he is back to his sweet and funny self!  The night terrors have become less and less and he sleeps so much better.  Now that Ruby is on a routine I am able to make sure I spend some one on one time with him too which makes a HUGE difference.

As for Ryan and I…things are really good!  We pinch ourselves to make sure we are not dreaming that we have this beautiful family we’ve always wanted!  I am taking a few years off from work to raise the kiddos and Ryan just got a promotion in the fire department and is now a lieutenant!  Life is crazy but life is good!

…Been a little busy…

So I want to apologize for the lack of update on my blog!  I had full intentions of putting a cool video together of my journey with Ruby BUT I can’t seem to get my iPhotos to go to my iMovie and it’s super frustrating that I can’t get a video together for you all.   So instead I will update with text and some pictures…not as creative but it is what it is!!

Ruby Moon Hay arrived on her own (no induction) on September 24th, 2016.  My water broke at around 3am and I had her at around 6:40am….yeah FAST!!!  My “birth plan” did not go as planned.  I am a big weeny and had epidurals with both Lily and Luke, however, with Miss Ruby she came so fast and my epidural came late so…yeah…I had an all natural birth experience and it was HORRIBLE!!!  The pain is indescribable but at least it was fast and over with in a timely manner!  Ruby weighed in at 8lbs 9oz and was 21 and half inches long!  I make big babies what can I say!

Lily and Luke were super excited to meet their new sister and they have been amazing with her.  Luke was a bit jealous in the beginning but once he realized she wasn’t going anywhere he has seemed to adjust well.  All of our family of course came to meet our new family member and everyone just loves her.  After all, she is our “miracle” child!  I will post some pictures and some videos of Ruby so far.  She is now 4 and half months old and thriving!

Baby Bump 34 weeks with Ruby

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